2015-2018 - The fact that The-O hasn’t updated his website for three years, pays testimony to just how busy he’s been. In fact, The-O has really lived up to the name of the facilities that we share studio space with: Produce. It’s been busy, busy, busy and The-O has played a pivotal role in campaigns from Africa to Australia.

Passion makes perfect. In the most recent Loerie rankings, The-O was ranked the number 2 sound designer in South Africa, Africa and the Middle East. Not bad for a boytjie from Boksburg… seems like some of the East Rand Gold rubbed off, because in 2017 he helped to bring back that Cannes Lions Grand Prix for KFC and in 2018 for the charming Huggies campaign.

The-O has also recently acquired a new mic. This almost excites him more than any of the above awards because he says that it would take sound quality to a whole new level. Unfortunately for The-O, his copywriter was bored with the technical details, but if you would like to find out more, he’ll be thrilled to share all the glorious details with you. Just give him a call and see what The-O (and his new mic) can do for your next campaign.


2 March 2015 - The-O has moved from his O studio to his new studio at Produce Sound. We’re still in the same building, just with new neighbours. Call Neli, our new producer, on 011 361 3111 to book a session. Yes, we are O-pen.


To end 2013 with a bang, The-O won a Gold Promax award for Sound Design with boutique VFX house, TX Motion Media. Click here for this fantastic animation piece. We think it’s very O-lik.


November 2013 - It’s O-Vember. Book a full-day, 8-hour, session during the month of (N)ovember and pay only for 7 hours. Only with The-O. The Man of the Mo. .

In September 2013, The-O became the first Studi-O to be awarded for its desig. Two top designers, Marcelle Labuschagne and Sarita Immelman, impressed the Pendoring judges with their quirky illustrations of the various O’s in the studio, as well as for the corporate identity they developed for The-O. But at The-O, it’s not just looks that count. Sounds count too. Well, they count quite a lot. That’s why Theo was pretty chuffed with his two Pendoring awards (M-Net Clash of the Choirsand Absa Human Spirit) and one Loerie award (M-Net Clash of the Choirs). And if you consider he’s only been operating independently for 3 months before the awards deadline, he’s clearly proven that he’s not just any O. He’s THE-O.


April 2013 - In the first week of April, The-O opened his doors for business. If you ever had to ask him - DIY? He will say DIY-not? That’s why he still carries numerous wooden splinters and staple gun scars as proof that he knows about more than pressing the play button. Today, The-O and the standard of work he delivers, are constantly guarded by the 11 O’s in the studio. They always say O.


20 October, 1968 - On this joyful day, Jackie Kennedy married Aristotle Socrates Onassis, a wealthy Greek shipping magnate, who was able to provide the privacy and security she sought for herself and her children. The wedding took place on Skorpios, Onassis's private island in the Ionian Sea, in Greece. Following her marriage, Kennedy-Onassis lost her right to Secret Service protection and her franking privilege. The marriage brought her considerable adverse publicity, and she became the target of paparazzi who followed her everywhere and nicknamed her "Jackie O".


October 2012 - Towards the end of 2012, Theo found a beautiful wild kitten at Sterling Sound. Because she has a stripe on her back, she kinda looks like a racing car. Because Theo is from Boksburg, he kinda likes racing cars. A lot. So he adopted her and called her Lyfie.

4000BC - Cave-O grunts his way open through a thick cloud of smoke. While his contempories are using blunt instruments to mindlessly chip away at cold cave walls, he sneaks out and leaves the cosy comfort of the magnificent mo, in search of ideas that could change the world. He discovers fire. Hy makes wheels. He’s the original fly of the braai. The big deal behind the wheel. While other fossils say grrrr and bash their heads, he says aha and makes headway. Others are trouble-makers. He’s a maker. Others get bored. He gets ideas. And that’s why he says O. Because he’s not just any o. He’s Cave-O.


June 1992 - Milk-O. When this wholesome o slips out through the creamy-milk-mo, the world stops and says aaaaaah. He’s the proud father of ideas with kittens and children. He can bring tears to the toughest suit’s eyes. In the shadow of his sweet vanilla genius, mommies whimper and daddies swallow to hide the lump in their throats.  While others are scrambling after ideas that might hit you between the eyes, his ideas are the ones that are discussed around teapots and braais. “Too soft”. “Too soppy”. “Too cute”. That’s what the tough trendoids call him. And that’s the only thing that makes him feel slightly off. Because he makes nice ideas. Ideas that will make you say O! Because he’s not just any O. He’s Milk-O


August 2065 - Space-O. He’s the “I’ve-got-it” sound that crawls out from under the tickling stache in in the wave of victory flags and ecstatic trumpets. He aims for the stars and turns gravity on its head. He skilfully dodges bad-brief-meteorites, solar-flare-suits and the black holes of “make my logo bigger”. His ideas are out there. He bravely goes where no ad-O has ever dared to go. He doesn’t say beedie-beedie-beedie. He says “Oooo!”. A lot. Because he’s got star status. His trophy shelf shimmers like the milky way. While everyone else has their feet on mother earth, the Space-O shoots out and does what he does best. Because he’s not just any O. He’s Space-O