Theo Potgieter, a.k.a. The-O was born on the 19th of April in 1632. He came to the Kaap de Goede Hoop in the Dromedaris, fought in two World Wars, went to the moon and even wore cartoon character tracksuit pants in the 80’s - it was all part of his search for a higher purpose. He finally found it in Sound Engineering. In 2000 and 2001 he studied at the Sound Engineering Academy at the Allenby Campus in Boksburg. (Yes, The-O is the O in Boksburg.) During this time he was handpicked to work with rich and famous folk like Patricia Lewis and Theuns Jordaan whilst engineering at the Huisgenoot stage at Aardklop.

In 2002, he joined multi-award-winning Joburg studio, Sterling Sound. Under the expert guidance of Lorens Persson, Theo has grown into one of the most respected sound engineers in
Johannesburg. With his relentless passion for sound and his finely tuned ear for detail, he’s been invited as a Pendoring judge in the radio category
better than him at admin. She’s also known to make a damn good crème brûlée, but at this point this argument is based on hearsay.

and a Loerie Awards judge in both the TV and Radio sound design categories. His long list of awards include Cannes, Loeries, One Show, Promax, London International and Pendoring Awards. In April 2013, Theo and his sister, Annette Nel (Baie-Lingual Concepts) decided that it’s time for him to fly. They started his studio at Cut and Paste Generation and it has grown in leaps and bounds. Annette might not know anything about sound, but at least she’s pretty good with his advertising side. And much
Under the masterful hands of Sarita Immelman and Marcelle Labuschagne, two of South Africa’s best conceptual designers, The-O got its now almost famous look. Their striking illustrations of the various O’s in the studio, all looking up at the coral red O on the ceiling and saying O, got them two silver Pendoring awards with Baie-Lingual Concepts at the 2013 Pendoring Awards.